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Seven Sacred Breaths

Integrative Healing

Zero Balancing™

Zero Balancing™, or "ZB," is a mind-body therapy that readjusts energy and structures of the body through light touch, finger pressure, and gentle traction to create fulcrums, or points of balance, around which the body reorganizes itself.

By working gently with the skeleton, deep tissue, soft tissue, and energy fields, Zero Balancing™--which clients experience clothed, lying down--leaves the body feeling calm, harmonious, and refreshed. Many also report feeling taller and stronger, with better posture, after a ZB session.

ZB™ is excellent for relieving back pain, improving sleep, relieving aches and pains, and improving one's overall quality of life. A session feels luxurious, gentle, and as though one's body has been realigned.

Zero Balancing™ session (60 minutes): $75

Zero Balancing™ session (90 minutes): $90

In-home session (60 minutes): $100

Add a custom flower essence blend to your session: $15

(1/2-oz. bottle contains approx 300 drops)

"Zero Balancing is a full-body, holistic therapy that is changing lives by balancing structure and energy of the bones. You get off the table with a clear mind, bright eyes, and a calm nervous system.", July 2009